Saturday, November 30, 2013

Saturday Evening Post

The Saturday Giro isn't part of my normal routine, but I can't ride tomorrow morning, so I thought I'd go out today even in the face of temperatures in the 30s. The NWS observations showed  an incredible 14 degree differential for 6 am between KMSY (36°) and KNEW (50°), but I believe the NWS data collection equipment, sitting out on the peninsula that is Lakefront Airport surrounded on three sides by the warm waters of Lake Pontchartrain, provides poor readings except for those planning to go boating. When I parked for the ride on Killdeer, two blocks from the lake, my car's thermometer was showing 37°.

Almost nothing of note happened on this morning's ride. There were 20 or so riders. As to the make-up of the 20 or so -- good news and bad news. Bad news first: fully 40% were youngsters in orange or their allies. The good news is that the whole bunch of orangemen rode 160 miles around the lake yesterday. Representing my generation were Vega, VJ, Randy, and HL. Arguably from an intervening generation, and appearing to be unduly torturing himself with power cranks, was Rob K.

It was fast when expected, but nobody really attacked until we had been on the Chef for a few miles. The group split twice, and on the second occasion I made it into the group off the front. But it didn't seem like anyone was really in a mood to try to stay away. Near the turnaround,  I noticed Rob had taken his gloves off and asked if his hands were cold. He smiled and said, "Anything to make the ride a little harder." Apparently the cranks and maybe his cold fingers got hard enough as he opted to venture into Eastover on the trip in.

The highlight of the ride in was a sighting by the unfinished interchange along the service road at Dwyer Blvd. of four white-tailed deer, backlit by the low sun, standing statue-still, in the dew-laden grass and softened by a low fog. Last time I went by there heading in, two weeks ago, there had been two burned motorcycles which hit me at first glance as bodies. A little way further on was the body of a freshly road-killed coyote.

It is hard in full-fingered gloves to take photos with an iPhone so I include a photo from the 2010 Tour de LA. I don't know who it is, but I like the image.
From the 2010 Tour de Louisiana

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