Wednesday, June 4, 2014

No Joie de Vivre?

Beyond the threat of rain, which never materialized, Tuesday's levee ride was uneventful. And that was a very good thing. Big Rich described it thusly:
> On 6/3/2014 10:05 AM, Richard B. Ehret wrote:
>       Perfect ride
Why was it a perfect ride? I'm not certain. I can report that there was no big white van in the parking lot at the start. I can also report that the familiar acronym which south of the Canadian border is usually associated with the organization the Québécois refer to as the Ligue nationale de hockey would aptly describe this particular ride. But I can't be sure that either of these facts are what made it perfect.
There was no wind on the outbound leg and only a hint of it in our faces coming home. The pace was steady and almost everyone stayed in the rotation for the entire ride. Rich's profile shows the smooth and surgeless nature of the morning:
Big Rich's Garmin Profile
But without HL's constant surges and without the OWNHB1 making unexplainable, zany moves and comments are we losing out on the spice of life which makes us truly feel alive? Are we sacrificing the joie de vivre, that certain exultation of spirit, which is engendered by variety and unpredictability for the bland, unremarkable sameness of a smooth paceline? Do we need HL and the OWNHB?


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1. OWNHB = One with no handlebars.

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