Friday, October 25, 2013

Pining for HL

Nothing interesting to report. I was late getting to Rich's and missed The Putting On of the Shoes. The weather, although slightly chilly at the start, turned out to be as nice as it gets -- mid-50s with calm winds. Just as we were pulling out, two orange kits showed up which provoked some low murmuring among those clipping in, but the ride was ultimately NHL so the group worked well together all the way out and back.

At the other end, at Rich's suggestion, I sought to document the notable presence of Vega, and captured this somewhat disturbing image. I am at a loss to explain the pose. Is he practicing his road-hazard point for the ride home? Or is it a small part of a celebratory dance 1 from that era of spinning mirrored balls and platform shoes?

The ride in was quite civilized with the bunch maintaining a smooth double paceline and Donald just off the back spouting the occasional Reederism.

Riding home I noticed the city had installed huge bike icons all the way down Nashville in the middle of the riverbound lane.


While the ride was thoroughly enjoyable, I found myself missing HL and the attendant fireworks. Those less pleasant but more eventful rides provide more fodder for the blog.


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