Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Saints at 4-0 make for a great NHL ride!

I attribute it to the undefeated Saints playing the 3-0 Dolphins on the national stage that is Monday Night Football. I have no real evidence of this, but we are in New Orleans,  perhaps the only city in the world which would officially shut down City Hall an hour early on account of a football game. Great Saints win but a very light turnout on the levee.

Whatever the cause, this morning's ride was of the NHL variety. Tuesday/Thursday levee rides generally fall into two categories: HL (Howard Luna) and NHL (No Howard Luna).  It was beautiful. Although we touched 30 briefly at the other end where there is apparently a mandatory sprint, almost the entire ride out was a smooth 24-25 on a very light tail wind.  We started with only six or seven riders and picked up Donald and Movie Star Dave west of the country club. The only downside to the light turnout was my feeling compelled to participate in the rotation all the way out and back, something I haven't done lately.

Donald declared the ride to be the Ronnie Schmitt  Memorial, today being the first anniversary of Ronnie's untimely demise.

Rich's dogs must have been bothering him because at the other end he sat down behind Ormond and did his take-the-shoes-off-put-the-shoes-on routine. The small group was in no mood to dally and immediately started rolling back toward town, leaving Rich on the bench, shoe in hand, imploring, "Ain't nobody gonna wait?"

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