Sunday, February 9, 2014

Bland, Prosaic Sunday Giro

It was perfect weather for a ride with calm winds and temperatures in the low to mid 50s. This pleasant change from the recent run of wet, cold, windy rides could explain the largely tame pace. The downside was having to listen to Rich complain all morning that he wasn't getting a workout and would have to go to the gym later and could only eat one doughnut.

Swim Hole Sunrise

On the way in we stopped at the floodgates just east of Hwy 11 where an Orangeman had a flat. Rich gave him a CO2 cartridge in exchange for which Rich was called a fine gentleman and got an offer of  "a couple of dollars" (which he refused). Just after turning into the service road we saw Chip P., who had ridden off the front, fixing a flat. The group will often not stop for someone who rides ahead of it (e.g. Charlie "Ain't nobody gonna wait" D.), but six of us stopped with him. That was probably the best part of the morning because after fixing the flat we chased the group and actually got our heart rates going a little bit. We almost caught the bunch which was just over the crest of the Seabrook Bridge as we began its ascent.

Oh, and Vega made it both ways, but that may be attributable to his being on Racer X's fancy Pinarello.

So a bland, prosaic Giro makes for the same kind of blog post.

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