Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Wet, Cold, 1/2 HL

Observations from KMSY for 7 am were light drizzle and fog at 46° with winds almost due east at 8 mph. I can confirm the drizzle and fog, but the wind seemed brisker coming home. It was another ride without eyeglasses and eating whatever putrescent detritus the levee-top was serving up this am. It was too wet for photos, but here's one from the archives of a gardener's work-bike (he tows his mower with it):

The latest logistical tweaking of the Tues/Thurs levee ride was to try to start from the playground at 6:15 because of the extra time required at both ends of the ride due to the levee being closed downriver of Ochsner Hospital. I got to Rich's house about 10 minutes early and we rode out to Causeway without an automobile escort, which is probably just as well. I have this retina-burning blinky red überlight, which two people complained about, so I feel confident that if I do get flattened on River Road, it'll definitely be intentional.

At the start were Woody, Brian, Randy, Big Scott, HL's brother-in-law, Ray, Triceps Dave, and Max. The email notice about this most recent iteration of the start time was circulated by Randy late yesterday afternoon, and I noticed this morning that HL and Triceps Dave weren't on the addressee list (I think Randy must have used an old email for the message because it had Scott S. on it, who usually does not ride Tues/Thurs, but not HL and Dave). So I forwarded the email to them at 5:15 am. I know Dave got it and he showed up just after Rich and me. Apparently HL didn't get the email in time, and he and Judd were at the playground anticipating a regular start time. We waited several minutes, but people were getting cold and antsy. Woody and Brian rode off. The rest of us started slow-rolling west, until someone said HL and Judd were on, and then we went. After a couple of miles at an easy pace, I heard Randy say, "You know you all left Judd and Howard. I had to chase you." That was news to me, and I think to everyone else.

I had a flat just west of the country club and I expected HL and Judd to ride up, but they didn't. HL's brother-in-law had a flat in Kenner, but he said he lived nearby and was getting off the levee, so we kept going. Woody had ridden ahead to the Little Dip and passed us heading back to town. Triceps Dave turned at the Little Dip. Near the Big Dip, Pat F. joined us, expressing disbelief that there were people as crazy as he was to be riding in the crappy weather.

We turned at the Luling Bridge and HL and Judd, who were just behind us by then, turned with us. I tried to apologize to HL, telling him I thought he and Judd were with us, but he said, "I don't want to hear it." He was obviously angry, which I guess I understand but I truly don't think anyone thought they were not on when we left. When they didn't appear at the scene of my flat, we assumed they went home, as had Brian because he was cold.

So unfortunately HL was upset with us, which cast a certain pall over the ride home. But now at least I know how HL rides when he's mad: Exactly as he does when he's not.

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