Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday Levee Ride

The Sunday Giro was preempted because the traditional Giro route was closed for the half ironman. A two-man TT sponsored by NOBC was taking place in LaPlace. What to do? I originally thought about not riding at all and going to Grand Isle to bird but was ultimately dissuaded by the predicted brisk SSE wind which normally prevents migrants from putting down on the LA coast. Rich sent out an email Saturday evening suggesting a levee ride with a 7 o'clock start from the Jefferson Playground.

Six cyclists showed: Big Rich, Vega, Triceps Dave, Keith N., CA Rick, me. The ride out to the Ormond turnaround and back was smooth and enjoyable, with the only notable circumstance being the SSE wind which made the ride in a bit more laborious than I think most people were expecting. There was some talk as we approached Ormond about perhaps continuing on to the Bonnet Carre Spillway. I argued against continuing, citing the wind, and I'm glad everyone decided to turn.

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