Thursday, April 24, 2014

Uneventful Thursday Levee Ride

Nothing notable happened on the Thursday levee ride. Considering all of the crashes and near misses which have plagued the local cycling community of late, an uneventful ride is a good thing. There was a return appearance by Seattle Mike, who rode with us in December and January, and who was unfortunately caught up in the crash Wednesday night at the lake. He was sporting bandages over stitches on his left hand this morning. Well that's about it. Retail Ray and HL remain on sabbatical.

Fog and Grain Dust at Bunge, LA

Just West of the Florida Street Pump Tower
Seattle Mike Signals Approaching Traffic
 After the ride, while Rich and I were heading back Uptown on River Road, a car followed behind us for about the last half mile before Oak Street refusing to pass. Behind that car was some real ass in a white BMW who sat on his horn for the entire half mile. I stopped at the split between Oak Street and Leake Avenue, hoping for an opportunity to give the guy a piece of my mind, but he raced past me, horn still blasting.

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